Oliver Pfeffer

Dissolve Therapy is not only a candle of light and healing in a dark and stressful world, but through this profound, easy to follow online program, Andy Mack kindly offers the opportunity for each of us to dissolve habituated tensions, light our own candle of inner calm and joy, and then share that light with others. In my 30+ years in the field of healing and wellness, I’ve not come across anything like this which offers such a simple, potent antidote to stress.

Kana Okada

I’ve just completed online dissolve therapy course. The platform of the course is well laid out, and each video are easy to watch.


Andy explains the process of the dissolve therapy clearly step by step. I thought the course was great, and easy to follow.  I hope that dissolve therapy will help to deepen my acupuncture practice and support my taichi training. I’m excited to try it out on my friends & family